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When a night of fun leads to a night behind bars, turn to Kendall S. Murphy, Esquire, PC. I've worked hard to become the go-to DUI defense attorney in the Trenton, NJ area.

I will take an in-depth look into your charges and explain the best options for you. I'm dedicated to offering first-rate, affordable legal services and personalized care to every client.

Schedule an appointment with a skilled DUI attorney. Contact Kendall S. Murphy, Esquire, PC now. I provide skilled legal representation to clients throughout the state.

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If you need a strong defense from a DUI attorney, choose Kendall S. Murphy, Esquire, PC. I'll try my best to help you avoid or minimize:

  • A lengthy jail time

  • Hefty fines

  • License revocation

  • High insurance premiums

  • Mandatory community service

Protect your driving record with help from a seasoned DUI defense attorney. Call Kendall S. Murphy, Esquire, PC in Trenton, NJ right away for a consultation.